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The Goat Willow



Cotton Chenille  wall hanging , sofa throw or lap quilt.  106 cm x 140 cm.

I am fascinated by this tree. The bark is very rough and textured. During the summer of 2018  about 10 stag beetles emerged from the bark, the cocoons sticking out of the trunk. The beetles were flying around the tree, colliding with each other , competing for a mate. The flying display of the beetles only lasted a few days .I hope we will not have to wait another six years before we see them again. 

I constructed the quilt by laying five lengths of cloth together and free motion stitching the pattern or channels across the material . Finally cutting through four of the  layers to reveal  the pattern  The raw edges of the of the channels give a lovely tactile feeling. The backing is plain aqua material. is layer six.


the goat willow.jpg

All orders for originals are made on a personal basis.

 I hope your hand made quilt will become a cherished heirloom, part of your home.

Please contact me to  help you finalise your purchase. How to care for, and display your item, whether it is a quilt or wall hanging.

It is important to me to ensure you receive your  quilt  in the best possible way. I would want to confirm shipping requirements.  Please note the price excludes shipping.

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